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Course module: 8RB10
Bio-organic chemistry
Course info
Course module8RB10
Credits (ECTS)5
Category3 (Advanced)
Course typeBachelor College
Language of instructionDutch
Offered byEindhoven University of Technology; Biomedical Engineering; Biomedical Chemistry;
Is part of
Biomedical Engineering
Pre-master program Biomedical Engineering
Coherent package - Chemical biology
Medical Sciences and Engineering
Contact personprof.dr. E.W. Meijer
Contactperson for the course
prof.dr. E.W. Meijer
Other course modules lecturer
Responsible lecturer
prof.dr. E.W. Meijer
Other course modules lecturer
dr. L.G. Milroy
Other course modules lecturer
Co-lecturer A.R.A. Palmans
Other course modules lecturer
Academic year2017
3  (05/02/2018 to 22/04/2018)
Starting block
TimeslotA: A - Mo 1-4, We 9-10, Th 5-8
Course mode
Registration openfrom 15/11/2017 up to and including 07/01/2018
Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
Registration using OSIRISYes
Registration open for students from other department(s)Yes
Waiting listNo
Number of insufficient tests-
Number of groups of preference0
Learning objectives
After passing the course, the student is has:
  1. Structural knowledge of important biomolecules such as sugars, peptides, lipids and steroids, and can correlate the structures with the specific cellular function.
  2. Knowledge of reaction mechanisms and can formulate logical reaction mechanisms to explain important biochemical transformations.
  3. Insight in the universal design principles of complex living systems, including equilibria, concentration gradients and reaction coupling, and can identify, clarify and discuss these principles for examples from the lectures.
  4. Insight in synthetic routes and can describe the reactions and transformations associated with the synthesis of simple peptides and substituted aromatic molecules.
  5. Knowledge of analytical techniques such as NMR, IR, MS and can use obtained data for the characterization of simple synthetic molecules.
Topic 1. Recap / stereochemistry and carbohydrates
Topic 2. Natural and synthetic polymers
Topic 3. Dyes and drugs
Topic 4. Condensation reactions and metabolism
Topic 5. NMR and molecular characterisation
Topic 6. Molecular design and retrosynthesis
Topic 7. Lipids, terpenes and steroids
Entrance requirements
Entrance requirements tests
Assumed previous knowledge
• 8SA00 - Introduction Organic Chemistry (recommended)
• 8RA00 - Biochemistry (recommended)
• 8RB00 - Molecular cell biology (recommended)
Previous knowledge can be gained by
Resources for self study
Short promotional description of the course
Het college Bio-Organische Chemie is het natuurlijke vervolg op Inl. organische chemie (8SA00) en Biochemie (8RA00), waarbij meer inzicht wordt gekregen in het belang van de moleculaire wetenschappen en organische reactiemechanismen op een micro- en macromoleculaire schaal. Tevens wordt het belang van moleculen en moleculaire systemen gezocht vanuit een historisch perspectief.
Short promotional description of the course
The Class Bio-Organic Chemistry is the natural sequel to Intro. Organic Chemistry (8SA00) and Biochemistry (8RA00), in which more insight is acquired into the importance of organic reaction mechanisms - at the micro-and macro-molecular scale - for eukaryotic cells and plants. The importance of molecules and molecular systems are also sought from a historical perspective, paying attention to the vital contributions in their own time.
Required materials
Recommended materials
"Essential Organic Chemistry", 3nd edition, by Paula Y. Bruice
Instructional modes
Guided selfstudy






Written examination
Test weight100
Minimum grade-
Test typeFinal examination
Number of opportunities2
OpportunitiesBlock 3, Block 4
Test duration in minutes-



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