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Course module: 8RC00
Course info
Course module8RC00
Credits (ECTS)5
Category3 (Advanced)
Course typeBachelor College
Language of instructionDutch
Offered byEindhoven University of Technology; Biomedical Engineering; Chemical Biology;
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Contact L. Brunsveld
Contactperson for the course L. Brunsveld
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Responsible lecturer L. Brunsveld
Other course modules lecturer
Subject matter expert L. Brunsveld
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dr. C. Ottmann
Other course modules lecturer
Academic year2017
2  (13/11/2017 to 04/02/2018)
Starting block
TimeslotE: E - Mo 9-10, Tu 5-8, Th 1-4
Course mode
Registration openfrom 15/06/2017 up to and including 15/10/2017
Application procedureYou apply via OSIRIS Student
Registration using OSIRISYes
Registration open for students from other department(s)Yes
Waiting listNo
Number of insufficient tests-
Number of groups of preference0
Learning objectives
After passing the course, the student has:
  1. Insight in the process of drugs discovery and can describe medicine and their development.
  2. Knowledge of basic principles of farmacokinetics and –dynamics and can use this when analyzing pharmacological results and their description.
  3. Developed chemical knowledge through medicinal chemistry and can use this when analyzing and describing metabolic processes and molecular drug-target interactions.
  4. Knowledge of important drug targets (proteins) and their relation to diseases and can describe these concepts and the relation between them.
  5. Knowledge and insight in the basics of pharmacological systems (cardiovascular system, blood coagulation, central nervous system) when describing them.
This subject deal with the field of drug discovery in a broad perspective. Typical elements of the drug discovery process will be discusses, but also the biological targets of drugs, the effect of a drug on the body (pharmacodynamics) and the effect of the body on the drug (pharmacokinetics) will be discussed.
The course starts with an overview of the drug discovery process. The history, current status and challenges will be discussed here. After this the following topics will be dealt with:
  • Drug targets
  • Pharmacodynamics
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Proteases
  • Nuclear Receptors
  • Kinases
De diverse topcis will be illustrated with examples of applications of medicines. The students will go in depth using self-study and presentation topics and the course will be finalized with an exam.
Entrance requirements
Entrance requirements tests
Assumed previous knowledge
• 8SA00 - Introduction Organic Chemistry (recommended)
• 8RA00 - Biochemistry (recommended)
• 8RB00 - Molecular cell biology (recommended)

For students who have followed the bachelor BMT or MWT, there is no further prior knowledge required, for other groups (such as ST students) please contact the responsible lecturer.
Previous knowledge can be gained by
Resources for self study
Bachelor College or Graduate School
Bachelor College
Required materials
H.P. Rang, M.M. Dale, J. M. Ritter, R.J. Flower, G. Henderson. Rang & Dale's Pharmacology, 8th Edition, Elsevier, 2016
Recommended materials
Instructional modes



Selfstudy is joined with lectures.

Written examination
Test weight100
Minimum grade6
Test typeFinal examination
Number of opportunities2
OpportunitiesBlock 2, Block 3
Test duration in minutes-



Kies de Nederlandse taal